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[China] 中国民兵的蓝色曳绳钓渔船出现在黄岩岛

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PH, Chinese ships in delicate dance at disputed shoal
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5 h% T' z7 {) e9 xhttp://news.abs-cbn.com/news/11/ ... e-at-disputed-shoal; R% ^$ m  M0 _5 b
2 P+ g7 c8 C- e8 _& b
Jasmin Romero, ABS-CBN News
# S3 T; x! [! ~
' W" o( {% p) G' NPosted at Nov 18 2016 09:35 AM9 v% y1 N$ Q- H8 L* c' ^
+ x7 g# N1 N, A! f
MANILA - The Philippine Coast Guard has resumed patrols in the disputed Scarborough Shoal but this does not mean that Chinese ships have gone away.3 v: {2 e  `# ?3 {; P
Ambassador-designate to China Chito Sta. Romana said unmarked ships in the Scarborough Shoal that were spotted by Filipino fishermen are from China. He said the ships are there to assert Chinese occupancy.
) q$ x# O( x" s8 L1 x! {"The white ships are the Chinese coastguard and the blue ships are militia. Fishing trollers," Sta. Romana said.
' L+ A; Z5 d- Y" O) c+ n, t"This is their way of asserting their claim, that they're not giving up."
9 W  s: C! x2 f+ g, @According to Sta. Romana, this means the territorial disputes have not been solved.6 Q$ K* m. n; O: B4 }/ c
"What has been solved is at least the provisional arrangement on fishing rights. The fishing around the shoal is the one, is what we are witnessing. The effective occupation, which is something inherited by this administration, is still there except they don't harass the Filipino fishermen," he said.
5 r( R! G7 o% {, Z9 q  n( [The Philippines earlier said Chinese vessels have stopped harassing and impeding Filipino fishermen at the disputed shoal, almost a week after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's state visit to China." t5 H' L; |8 Z2 S: e7 T  i2 K
Local fishermen successfully returned from their fishing trip in Scarborough shoal.2 M- F. m" k4 k9 k3 N. y
After China seized control of the shoal in 2012 and began restricting access, the administration of Duterte's predecessor Benigno Aquino took the maritime dispute to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.
* K+ Q2 X% e) I' |0 {, PThe court on July 12 this year ruled that China, which claims virtually the entire South China Sea, had "violated the Philippines' sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone."  y! M% v4 I  e
China has rejected the ruling as illegal and invalid.
5 k6 ?, h; e  J( [Dutere, while insisting that Scarborough Shoal belongs to the Philippines, has vowed not to "flaunt" the ruling and to instead pursue bilateral talks with Beijing.
  R2 f' j3 q: L3 |) cChinese President Xi Jinping told Duterte in their Oct. 20 talks that China and the Philippines can manage their differences as long as they engage in "friendly dialogue and consultation," and that matters that are sometimes "difficult to talk about can be shelved temporarily," according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry./ h; S" s5 ^, r3 R+ y1 ]
For Sta. Romana, the challenge now is how both sides can maintain their claim without resulting in a stand- off.. w- G8 g, g2 s* q
"The Philippine Coast Guard - their concern is the welfare of the fishermen in case something goes wrong or they need to be rescued," he said
: \/ S- t+ J9 t: ]However, Sta. Romana admitted that the environmental effects of the deep sea fishing conducted by the Chinese militia is also a cause of concern since there are already instances where the Chinese fishermen have been abusing the marine environment such as removing giant clams in the area.0 N( N: E' ]) Z5 o- A
South China Sea reefs 'decimated' as giant clams harvested in bulk
* o) ~& _7 U; K" t) k) r* a/ |"That is one of the issues that has to be tackled because the Chinese say they are also for the protecting of the marine environment. Now, the question is the details, how to go about it. This is obviously going to be the subject of future talks,"he said." s3 {5 R# u7 g2 ]5 G
But is China taking advantage of the dispute to access marine resources? Sta. Romana said it goes both ways.
4 S& r3 N) w& t2 u0 w0 L7 g"We are also, in a sense, we gain time because we gained capacity. The fishermen gained their livelihood. This is the advantage we have right now and at the same time ease the tension," he said.- I1 M3 C$ ~4 ]
Unlike the previous administration, the Philippines is now viewed differently as a nation with a different kind of president asserting a different foreign policy, one that is more friendly to China.4 {3 w$ i% v. S* S# Y7 X' T  a
Despite all these, Sta. Romana said the country is not letting go of its claim in the West Philippine Sea.. v0 ^& D6 E- Y: j# ]8 U" ~
"We don't give up on the sovereignty claim," he said.3 y) |4 u+ r% {: u
Is there something China gains from being friendly with the Philippines? Yes, Sta. Romana claimed.
% R$ T' J2 ^$ x' K* ^"China can go back to concentrating on domestic concerns rather than focus their resources on the West Philippine Sea," he said.

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曳绳钓# Q  q5 n& B( R8 j& G( w: P$ n9 F
% D/ M% T3 q) [. N
使用渔船拖曳装有钓钩、钓线的作业方式,主要钓捕游速较快的大、中型鱼类。7 c9 Q) t- y. X6 ^# M$ c' v' L

4 H- w& s- ~2 n  e1 Z4 a) I5 ~+ o钓具简介5 s& [- P$ t% ~

1 n; }/ D+ Z4 w* K按拖曳方式可分为直接拖曳和横桁拖曳2种,前者在船舷一侧拖曳数条钓线,每条钓线上系结数条支线及钓钩,钓捕底层、近底层的鱼类;后者利用船上设置的桁杆,拖曳数条钓线,每条钓线上系结数条支线(或钓钩直接系结在钓线上)及钓钩,钓捕中上层的鱼类。$ `7 T: y0 M8 E0 \$ q# L" \( j
+ H* ]4 x1 ^1 L5 X8 T! j潜板前、后半部开有若干小孔,分别作为系结钓线和钩具用。直接拖曳钓,如边板钓等;横桁拖曳钓,如拖毛钓等。直接拖曳钓现使用极少,横桁拖曳钓现仍有使用。借鉴拖毛钓,简介横桁拖曳钓如下,属曳绳式拟饵单钩型钓具类渔具。利用渔船的桅杆、左右桁杆和船尾拖曳数条钓线,每条钓线后部均系结数条装有拟饵单钩的支线,诱鱼上钩从而达到捕捞目的的一种作业方式。4 ~9 a/ Y  Q+ H! |& e3 b
! V8 K6 x" H; I+ W1 y5 q; `
作业渔场. Q+ B! u# k  a7 K" ^! ]
& y6 t6 a- Z1 p( M* I1 e( S0 y6 o
多在近海较深水域,主要钓捕对象为金枪鱼、马鲛、鲯鳅等游速较快的大中型鱼类。钓具结构主要由钓线(锦纶单丝)、支线(锦纶单丝)、引纲(锦纶单丝)和钓钩、沉子及桁杆(粗竹竿)等属具装配而成。钓线由2段连接而成,前段较粗后段稍细,长度因固设的位置不同而异,通常以中间1条最长,船尾最短。桁杆分别设在船的左右两侧,并可旋转。把拟饵羽毛和锦纶白布条,装在钩轴上用棉线扎紧。若干条系结拟饵钓钩的支线,分别结缚在每条钓线的后段上和末端。沉子结于钓线与第1条支线的连接点,引纲接在沉子与钓线之间。钓线前端分别扎结在桅杆、船尾、桁杆上。5 U3 k- G, y' c% X0 H( z
4 m" W7 |2 G& \$ H2 R! B# Y8 n6 U
6 \7 b: Y6 q* T% _6 ?
9 B1 r) e, X  ~+ p' |作业多在白天进行,渔船到达渔场后逆流中速航行,顺流将钓具按序投放入水中,然后曳绳。发现有鱼上钩收拉引纲,使支线至船上摘取渔获物,摘完后再放出钓钩。如果钓捕的鱼体过大,可用备用长柄鱼钩钩取。从事渔业生产,须办理《渔业捕捞许可证》。
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; t$ T! i0 N( I$ Q6 j. n
' P$ m9 i+ o# C# D, y) t英文名称  trolling boat;troller
6 W: O" m& U* ?! P: V+ f: L9 W定义  在舷侧或艉部向外伸出一至数根带固定钓具的撑杆,借船行拖曳钓线来诱钓上层鱼类的渔船。
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, k! D+ V! w, Z4 ^! \                               
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coolcucumber 发表于 2016-11-23 21:46+ t& _* D2 Q. l' ~; U" _. z4 m
图中左侧明显是灯光罩网渔船,右侧那艘不确定,但也不是那种常见的日式金枪鱼延绳钓船的船型 ...

/ T& b9 d, Z$ V! ~曳绳钓,不是延绳钓
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  A+ x) V) f4 ?  l! B& w
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/ Y/ s; m2 c( d  ]7 g% S8 n0 m8 ^) F                               
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; L8 e( a' P$ x
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# \4 q  W" Z: [/ O/ u: k
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3 ]# Y; j- ~* A这是钓鱼的船,辣么大。
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