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[Philippines] Philippines Welcomes Dialogue with Beijing on South China Sea

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http://www.benarnews.org/english ... 07112017134843.html! D! a& a& L0 N+ w) b' Z

6 e" x9 R5 L& V. oFelipe Villamor8 z+ }% \' K* A* j5 H, t
Manila( `, S( ]% \0 e5 H# b; z; e6 H! C

. J$ W0 v- l, J' C' n% _5 {$ L2017-07-11  5 I9 j8 o& I' A( x+ Z

  U* ?; E8 x* q4 zThe Philippines said Tuesday that bilateral ties with China were excellent, almost a year after a United Nations-backed arbitration tribunal ruled in favor of Manila and invalidated Beijing’s expansive claims to the South China Sea.
9 \5 E! o6 W: y1 U
$ o7 u. G* D5 mThe two countries were in a dialogue aimed at boosting bilateral cooperation, and had shifted away from an adversarial tone, Philippine presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella told a news conference here.
& d" E' h8 B) o% Y! k2 T( T
; T5 A( {% M9 r3 [  j$ }5 ~Abella said the two countries had launched a bilateral consultation mechanism in May about the potentially mineral-rich sea region, in which they pledged their “commitment to cooperate and find ways to strengthen the trust and confidence on issues related to the WPS.”
1 U( `8 g$ f/ h
, h7 E& L# s# d0 _( j4 mHe was referring to the West Philippine Sea, which is what the government in Manila calls the South China Sea.! c' [9 p3 n8 e- m
4 a' ]7 A" \. m8 v. r
“The Philippines and China have reviewed their experience on the West Philippine Sea issue, exchanged views on the current issues of concern to either side, and they have agreed that they will further discuss mutually acceptable approaches to deal with them,” Abella said.
; E/ f6 L2 N, _4 n- ]" P! Z) s( U; X
" W9 ~' [8 i/ L) s2 fHe said the two countries agreed to meet once more in the second half of 2017, but he did not divulge the exact date.1 f& I0 n4 n: L9 M' j, S# m

9 H! z2 u" E( j# A9 E/ fAbella characterized the current ties as excellent.9 h" S2 Q4 k# c' G

8 \. G- w6 l0 ?+ d. H* pHis statements came as a former national security adviser warned, in an interview with BenarNews, that a militarized Scarborough Shoal under China’s control would be “a game-changer.”
- Q! p7 O6 s) @& D& K. q0 [* p9 Q2 f8 V* Z  U5 C3 L7 `0 P( q' t
Court of Arbitration junks China’s claims
2 {2 g- X$ W8 S2 u% B. }* |  E  T/ l; h8 P" e0 z
President Rodrigo Duterte has made it a point to revive bilateral relations with China, which had worsened amid the sea dispute. He has also antagonized China’s rival, the United States, by threatening to cut security cooperation and by insinuating that he was siding with powers closer to shore.
* I* R0 |) [" W( H+ N  u& c( S$ m  L, n) c/ V
His predecessor, Benigno Aquino III, took Beijing to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2013 after Chinese vessels were spotted in Scarborough Shoal, which had for years been a traditional fishing area for Filipinos.
- c2 f  I; s3 p5 t, }5 X7 L3 n
1 I% X' y1 }: W" D$ b+ ~' H, g9 WThe area, triangular in shape, consists of rocks and shoals and is only about 200 km (125 miles) from the main Philippine island of Luzon.' I6 r, S( ]' Q2 y& n
+ m& L0 i2 m$ ^$ \7 b# B4 B+ ~, ?5 S
The court had junked China’s historical claims to the region, and said in effect that no country had sovereign rights over the rocky outcrop, entitling all countries with overlapping claims to use its resources.; j: j- v6 t6 F; h+ a" Q! N/ [# q! m" O2 W
8 ?6 l; P8 E& P# Z6 b7 A) v7 {
China has never recognized the ruling, and criticized it as flawed, putting much of the region on edge over fears the militarily superior Beijing could retaliate.
& n2 h! @6 s! _9 B. l0 x3 T2 z
* N$ _5 @1 T! l' w9 M3 h" ]In May, Duterte deflected criticism that he was going soft on China, saying he told Chinese leader Xi Jinping he wanted to drill in the disputed area following the ruling.5 W8 k6 J" l. i

. Y0 ~& H# T8 x! WBut he claimed Xi responded with a threat of war and countered with an offer to instead work jointly to exploit the area.
- e2 _9 L+ A- y/ M/ Y  n2 U6 ~) ~& P, ?' }: J8 F$ l
Duterte said a war in the sea region would lead to a massacre of Filipino forces, which are inferior to Chinese firepower, and “it will destroy everything.”
6 Z4 L& s" ^. D# d$ J' K( W+ f/ z5 C% D/ I3 o( z1 X( {
China commands 2.2 million active-duty military personnel with 1,385 attack aircraft compared with the Philippines’ 172,000 soldiers and eight fighter jets, according to Global FirePower, which keeps a database comparison of world military strengths.9 o1 h( R- M7 O. w

) k  @$ p* k& \4 t) `$ y. ?Likely scenario# m2 H% C  H$ \4 B4 q
1 i# j' k: i; e3 w  D
Roilo Golez, a former congressman and national security adviser who remains active in security circles, said he believed China was using a combination of “hard power and soft power” to eventually transform Scarborough Shoal into “a huge military complex.”$ E# [7 @" x& f6 }

* U, A5 Q+ X3 X9 A0 aHe said the likely scenario would have China constructing harbors and multipurpose buildings and tourism facilities to hide its military expansion.2 d+ t! b: f1 m" c2 A$ f5 R: r
; Y6 @3 A: w& D+ N* g
“If China is allowed to convert Scarborough Shoal into a military facility, even alone, a militarized Scarborough Shoal would be a game-changer in the South China Sea,” Golez told BenarNews.
5 ^+ Q# {; u3 _9 r% H# T3 o$ K( ?( A2 K
If that happens, he suggested, China will eventually dominate the Philippines and neutralize an enhanced military cooperation deal that Manila has signed with its traditional ally, the United States.( I2 |- B$ e- ^) y

1 h" f# S4 u% e: Q  ^“I believe China will make their move here starting around three years from now, with the full operability of their aircraft carrier and the start of operation of their second carrier and additional destroyers ... and full militarization,” of islands it controls in the South China Sea, Golez said.! n2 f0 U- ~( }' R: S. [$ U
0 o8 l5 m" y* B( v
China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was commissioned by the Chinese Navy in 2012. It unveiled its second – and first domestically built – aircraft carrier, the Type001A, which has yet to be named, in April.# D$ u, M7 k1 R8 a1 z( S3 r( k
; g7 ~: ~. V$ x, M& ~3 c, g% a
Golez said he believed that China has a master plan to transform Scarborough Shoal into a “huge civilian-military complex.”

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 楼主| 发表于 2017-7-12 08:28 | 显示全部楼层
菲律宾欢迎与北京对话在南海% h! ?' r2 [* R, C- v4 u' i9 I
* R/ c: I+ D5 \+ D. ^* @
菲利佩比利: F% r* H9 f/ N& ~
马尼拉7 R  g4 B' L" K
) r3 d" o/ G: k: d2 }
: g. C0 C" F; Z' b  W两国在对话,促进双边合作,并已转向远离对抗的基调,菲总统发言人Ernesto Abella在一次新闻发布会上说。, U! N% o2 `6 B6 f0 c
1 c$ t5 j8 ?8 o: R; T9 F$ O" R他指的是西菲律宾海,这就是马尼拉政府呼吁南海。5 V5 d  \/ p9 s
“菲律宾和中国有自己总结经验在西菲律宾海的问题,关注的是球队目前的问题交换了意见,他们一致同意,他们将进一步讨论双方都能接受的方法来对付他们,”Abella说。5 s8 u+ g: h" t; C) z2 c2 @
他说,两国同意在2017下半年再次会晤,但他没有透露确切日期。" U# G% u8 }7 i3 G) \
Abella当前关系良好的特点。2 k' `0 k9 j( O" `5 y: n, f% d
他的声明是前国家安全顾问警告,在采访中,benarnews,中国控制下的军事化的斯卡伯勒浅滩将“改变游戏规则”。! Q! d- c% K9 W" {5 Y9 f+ f* q
  d: v* A# ]1 _! M# CRodrigo Duterte总统决心恢复双边关系与中国,这恶化了在南海争端。他还对中国的竞争对手,美国威胁要切断安全合作,暗示他与权力靠近海岸线。
' h8 p- N; a! R) g% L他的前任,Benigno Aquino III,在北京船只被发现在黄岩岛,多年来一直是菲律宾人的传统捕鱼区后,于2013年将中国带到常设仲裁法庭。/ `: q' w3 _& ^) f$ l
6 m! `. ^; P: v0 {; S9 X& `/ H中国的法院已经废弃的历史要求的区域,并说没有国家主权的岩石露头,使所有国家的重叠主张使用其资源。/ A( H/ {9 `0 P% C$ M% {$ M! [
! z' Z/ [, N8 V4 M  b) n, N! I月,duterte偏转批评他会对中国软,说他告诉中国领导人习近平他想在争议地区钻在裁决。
" P% N/ I7 A1 r: _% S但是他声称习近平以战争的威胁做出回应,并提议与之合作,共同开发该地区。
0 ]5 _$ {- ^8 a# ]Duterte说,在南海地区的战争将会导致屠杀菲律宾部队,这是仅次于中国的火力,“它会摧毁一切。”) o' Y1 y2 d) r) |- _% t% l
" B. ~& i2 Z( N$ A8 h4 h可能的情况9 E- D( \  y0 V. j: X/ L! c' B
Roilo Golez,前国会议员和国家安全顾问们仍然活跃在安全界,说他相信中国是使用“硬实力和软实力”最终变换成“斯卡伯勒浅滩的庞大的军事复杂。”
3 B( g, c* b% ^1 {% j9 K他说,可能会有中国建设港口和多用途的建筑和旅游设施掩盖其军事扩张。+ |8 w% ]- v5 @
“如果中国允许把斯卡伯勒浅滩为军事设施,甚至一个人,一个军事化的斯卡伯勒浅滩将在南海的一个改变游戏规则,”Golez告诉benarnews。/ [* X# L% s/ B0 ]7 @3 K
如果发生这种情况,他建议,中国将最终主宰菲律宾中和增强军事合作协议,马尼拉以它的传统盟友签署,美国。: y3 @) l" o+ @8 t$ I4 U# o: Y
“我相信中国会让他们的行动在这里,从现在开始三年左右,随着他们的航母完全可操作性和他们的第二载体和附加驱逐舰操作开始…完全军事化,“岛屿控制在南海,Golez说。$ ^" q  q0 n) b  F, K: Y2 y+ q
中国的第一艘航母,辽宁,是由中国海军在2012。它推出了其第二–和首款国产–航母的type001a,尚未命名,在四月。' B# r8 I/ S6 Q! H
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