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[Philippines] 5 Chinese ships spotted near Pag-asa sandbars

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MANILA, Philippines – A Philippine lawmaker raised alarm over "extraordinary activities" of Chinese ships near Pag-asa (Thitu) Island in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), concerned that they are eyeing to occupy sandbars where Filipinos living near there would go to fish and picnic.
Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano said the swarm is composed of two frigates, a coastguard vessel, two large fishing vessels, and numerous maritime militias.
"The Chinese may have a sinister plan to occupy sandbars just west of Pag-asa that belong to us. There is also information that it prevented or blocked our BFAR [Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources] ship in the area," he told Rappler on Tuesday, August 15.
Alejano raised this to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana Monday night, August 14, in the House of Representatives during deliberations on the defense department's budget before the committee on appropriations.
In an interview with reporters on Tuesday, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman Robespierre Bolivar said their agency is verifying this report with authorities on the ground, such as the country's defense officials and members of the Philippine Coast Guard.
Alejano, a former marine officer, said he received the information from his contacts in the military. The ships have been there since Saturday, August 12, he said.
Pag-asa, one of the biggest islands in the Spratlys, is occupied by about a hundred Filipinos. Chinese ships are always spotted near the island because of its proximity to one of 7 reefs China reclaimed – Subi Reef – located 20 nautical miles southwest.
But the Chinese ships have not been spotted too close to the sandbars located less than 3 nautical miles north of Pag-asa.
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Cayetano's modus vivendi with China
Lorenzana told the committee that troops are ready to defend the country's territory in any event of attack.
"It would be a very serious thing if the Chinese will occupy any of the islands, kahit 'yung mga islands na malalayo (even the islands that are far away)... That would be a very serious issue," Lorenzana said.
Alejano said he is worried that China will use "maritime militias" – civilian fishermen – to attack Pag-asa Island.
"They are civilian fishermen using smaller boats but were enlisted by Chinese militaryto achieve their objectives like blocking, ramming, and harassing our fishermen and government vessels," said Alejano.
Lorenzana said he is counting on China not to occupy more territories in the West Philippine Sea, based on a "modus vivendi" that he said was brokered by Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano.
"There is status quo now that is happening in the South China Sea brokered by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. According to him, the Chinese will [neither] occupy new features in the South China Sea nor are they going to build structures in Scarborough Shoal," Lorenzana told the committee.
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    since 3 days ago, China has deployed 2 frigates, 1 Coast Guard vessel, and 2 large fishing vessels, with their maritime militia, 1-3 nautical miles north of Pag-asa Island. f4 Z4 Q& s% C2 ^$ R( j9 D7 X& ~
两艘护卫舰、一艘海警船、两艘大型渔船) b# ~3 G6 D$ w8 n

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magdalo代表Gary Alejano说,群是由两艘护卫舰、一艘巡逻艇,两大渔船,和众多的海上民兵。


Alejano提出的这个国防部长Delfin Lorenzana的星期一晚上,8月14日,在众议院在审议前国防部的预算拨款委员会。

在一个星期二的记者采访时,外交部(DFA)发言人Robespierre Bolivar表示,他们的机构是与地面上的机关审核报告,如国家的国防官员和菲律宾海岸警卫队成员。


PAG ASA,一个在Spratlys最大的岛屿,是由约一百名菲律宾人占领。中国船舶总是因岛附近发现7个礁中国再生–渚碧礁–位于20海里,西南邻近。




“如果中国将占据任何的岛屿是一个非常严肃的事情,kahit '庸MGA岛那malalayo(即使很遥远的岛屿)…这将是一个非常严重的问题,”Lorenzana说。



Lorenzana说他对中国没有更多的领土在西菲律宾海占据,基于一种“妥协”,他说,是由菲律宾外交部长Alan Peter Cayetano斡旋。


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