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[Philippines] South China Sea: Filipino fishermen hope for Chinese benevolence

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http://www.dw.com/en/south-china ... evolence/a-41576397
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" }8 q( |+ r- Q: Q9 sTerritorial disputes in the South China Sea are causing a food shortage in the region. Filipino fishermen are at the mercy of the Chinese coastguard as their livelihood takes a blow. Ana P. Santos reports from Zambales.
/ `6 W7 j! J  `9 M Manila - Gebietskonflikte im Südchinesisches Meer verursachen Nahrungsknappheit (DW/A. P. Santos)0 C5 P/ q; |3 g- x7 r  u
As Filipino fishermen set sail for the Scarborough Shoal, they hope for three things: a bountiful fish catch, their safety, and benevolence from the Chinese coastguard.$ i# a! K% K% `: X
For the past two years, Paolo Pumicpic, captain of the JJ2 fishing boat, has been at the mercy of the sea; he hasn't been lucky with any of the three.+ e% T& s- R: K
The South China Sea, where the Scarborough Shoal is located, is a major maritime route, where an estimated five trillion dollar- (4.2 trillion euros) trade transits annually. The sea also contributes to about 12 percent of the global fish supply.+ K7 H/ k0 c+ v! i
Read more: South China Sea - what you need to know$ u2 k: K$ b2 ?: @6 g9 S+ X
But experts say that overfishing, as well as dynamite and cyanide fishing, are depleting the area's marine resources at an unsustainable rate. A study by the University of British Columbia in Canada shows that the South China Sea fish catch could decline by as much as 50 percent by 2045.
2 D- _3 {8 q# [: kApart from a dwindling fish catch, Pumicpic tells DW that he and his men also face harassment and bullying from the Chinese coastguard. They are not allowed to fish in the area.
% f' ]1 y7 Y9 ~9 ["The Chinese regularly raid our catch. They take away our best fish for their consumption and give us cigarettes and instant noodles in return," Pumicpic said.
0 K% k5 l) ^: V* nStill, the fisherman does not want to complain. He says the Chinese behavior is much better than before.9 i1 D" s0 D4 n7 y0 w8 N
"They aren't using water cannons to turn us back. As long as they allow us to fish, it is fine," he said.# F3 L% _' r3 J7 |
  Watch video01:28' ^; k" t+ q% n& X$ o) C
US warns China over maritime claims+ [! z; j' i/ w- k' L
Wasted opportunity at ASEAN
3 c3 H, A* ]' ~0 kChina, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan have overlapping claims to the South China Sea./ D  R' K1 N3 D0 A- |8 T. H% `; z
Powerhouse China has the biggest claim by far. It has demarcated an extensive area of the sea with a so-called "nine-dash line" that first appeared on Chinese maps in the late 1940s. The Paracel and Spratly Island chains, as well as dozens of rocky outcrops and reefs, fall within this area. These bits of land are highly contested, mainly because they are believed to be surrounded by large oil and gas deposits.& o7 y9 ]6 S2 q) g+ J
Read more: Indonesia denies wounding Vietnam fishermen in renewed South China Sea clash
: T& D. \4 a7 ^7 RIn 2012, the Chinese coastguard seized control of the Scarborough Shoal, which is located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon Island in the South China Sea. It is a disputed territory claimed by China, Taiwan, and the Philippines.
5 {% Z; a4 C$ B' V# KIn response to the blockade, Manila filed a case against Beijing in the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague. In July 2016, the PCA ruled that China's maritime claim was excessive and encroached on the Philippines' 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone, where the Scarborough Shoal lies.0 F0 E7 ~2 t; v
Despite his campaign promise to assert Philippine's ownership of the disputed territory, President Rodrigo Duterte has so far chosen to take a conciliatory approach with China.
% w7 S( m: q: T' |& i Manila - Gebietskonflikte im Südchinesisches Meer verursachen Nahrungsknappheit (DW/A. P. Santos)
/ t: ?1 F( y; a, iFilipino fishermen say Chinese behavior has improved1 }& B0 f$ ?* f# {# e
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, which was held in mid-November in Manila, could have been the perfect platform for the Philippines to re-assert its claim on the Scarborough Shoal. But the opportunity was missed.
- d! D. F; r. y$ }0 I"Raising the West Philippine Sea issue while chairing the ASEAN summit could have made the most impact," Jay Batongbacal, a maritime law expert and professor at the University of the Philippines, told DW." P3 s6 Z, x4 F3 _, b  `" ?
Prior to the ASEAN Summit, the Philippine military had started building shelters in the shoal to protect their country's fishermen from treacherous weather conditions. Beijing slammed the move and demanded that the Philippine government halted the activity. At the ASEAN conference, Duterte announced that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed that they would "set aside" the South China Sea dispute.. z4 _% d) \7 s" A3 X/ k
"President Duterte's stance allows China to consolidate its hold in the West Philippine Sea. It is disastrous for the Philippines," said Batongbacal.
& m" e. |7 q7 cRead more:
# Q1 p8 d" b& xOpinion: No solution in sight to SCS dispute! a  f" N5 V" ~! Y& h
China's Xi Jinping seeks to win support in Vietnam amid ongoing maritime dispute  b1 _9 W7 X1 m  e$ W6 S$ T( p
'Can't go to war'5 @0 i" V0 ^2 M' b
Salvador Panelo, the legal advisor to the president, says that Duterte is simply taking a prudent approach because the PCA ruling does not have a legal framework that could be implemented.
' j8 y( j* J( \"Also, we can't go to war with China," Panelo told DW.% l6 @, o4 v/ n, J3 k* \
But others insist there are other alternatives to dealing with Chinese hegemony.
' _3 u  P" ~; N+ C# U# V7 k' g"There are other ways to assert our claim on our territories," Philippine congressman Gary Alejano told DW. "We can undertake scientific exploration and research and conduct aerial and sea patrols, for example.", ?. U& m3 C5 Z3 ~+ R! M, z$ C% b
Alejano, who is a former marine captain, claims there have been no naval patrols in the South China Sea since the early 2016.

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南中国海:菲律宾渔民希望中国的仁爱0 O9 x; W; r$ ^  |' z8 H4 b
6 Q  m! f/ X, a! @' ^; w
南中国海的领土争端正在造成该地区粮食短缺。 菲律宾渔民由于生计受到打击而受到中国海岸警卫队的控制。 Ana P. Santos从Zambales报道。5 z7 e9 U; I: ]+ c: K; [$ r
Manila - Gebietskonflikte im Südchinesisches Meer verursachen Nahrungsknappheit (DW/A. P. Santos)
+ y. P9 A( ?8 T2 f6 ?  i! O3 i当菲律宾渔民启程前往斯卡伯勒浅滩时,他们希望得到三件事情:丰富的渔获量,安全感和来自中国海岸警卫队的爱心。+ a) L4 ^/ B- ]  e0 V& c/ R. J
过去两年,JJ2渔船船长Paolo Pumicpic一直处于海洋的摆布之中, 三个人中的任何一个都没有幸运。& w% G7 q4 J0 G2 E8 g2 c1 b. g  @2 o
斯卡伯勒浅滩所在的南中国海是一条重要的海上通道,每年约有5万亿美元(4.2万亿欧元)的贸易通过。 海洋也占全球鱼类供应的12%左右。
! n, z- W- p% v阅读更多: 南中国海 - 你需要知道的2 X+ {) Z9 j4 l, f" s
但专家说,过度捕捞以及炸药和氰化物捕鱼正在以不可持续的速度耗尽该地区的海洋资源。 加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚大学的一项研究表明,到2045年,南海渔获量可能下降多达50%。. b- G* U) K; j) s4 h5 C
Pumiicpic告诉DW,他和他的人还面临中国海岸警卫队的骚扰和欺凌。 他们不准在该地区捕鱼。4 V8 V5 _, O: s1 ~
8 k( l1 ~1 ~& i' e: y) `, M$ b不过,渔夫不想抱怨。 他说中国人的行为比以前好多了。* h  L1 @& e; b
" g5 ?, O' v1 K* x观看视频01:28* T& ~5 f; J" D. i0 J
美国就海上索赔提出警告: x# t# _9 ^7 A4 ^. [5 ?
# |" a. U' g3 e( K3 S9 y中国,文莱,越南,菲律宾,马来西亚和台湾与南海有重叠的要求。
; I% o* p' m! \  r/ kPowerhouse中国目前拥有最大的声称。 它用40年代末在中国地图上首次出现的所谓“九条线”划分了广阔的海域。 西沙群岛和南沙群岛以及数十个岩石露头和珊瑚礁属于这一地区。 这些土地是非常有争议的,主要是因为他们被认为被大量的油气藏所包围。
& z5 h5 r7 q9 URead more: 印度尼西亚否认在南中国海冲突中伤害越南渔民2 c2 p) L' _4 ?$ L- Y' j2 {1 h7 j
2012年,中国海岸警卫队夺取了位于南海麦克尔斯菲尔德银行和吕宋岛之间的斯卡伯勒浅滩的控制权。 这是中国,台湾和菲律宾所主张的有争议的领土。
5 o9 P! l( B! @( T# H6 @为了应对封锁,马尼拉在海牙常设仲裁法院(PCA)提起了一起针对北京的起诉。 2016年7月,PCA 裁定中国的海事索赔过度,并侵占了斯卡伯勒浅滩所在的菲律宾200海里专属经济区。/ C5 R2 j) F1 P0 S2 j* ^9 Q  x5 R
菲律宾总统罗德里戈·杜特特(Rodrigo Duterte)尽管承诺宣称菲律宾对争议领土拥有所有权,但迄今仍选择与中国进行和解。- t+ v2 K# ?/ {! B& F3 E' n
Manila - Gebietskonflikte im Südchinesisches Meer verursachen Nahrungsknappheit (DW/A. P. Santos)* o$ E2 J. T. K) ~
" P& C* T, h; k* Z十一月中旬在马尼拉举行的东南亚国家联盟(东盟)首脑会议本来可以成为菲律宾在斯卡伯勒浅滩重申其要求的完美平台。 但错过了机会。. F1 `8 ?# k1 l' b4 [' y' I' l" a
菲律宾大学海洋法专家兼教授Jay Batongbacal告诉DW,“在主持东盟峰会期间提高西方菲律宾海域问题本可以产生最大的影响。- h7 s7 R" \7 f1 z! I9 |( ]# c
在东盟峰会之前,菲律宾军方已经开始在浅滩建设避难所,以保护本国的渔民免受恶劣天气的影响。 北京抨击此举,要求菲政府停止这一活动。 在东盟会议上,杜特尔特宣布他和中国国家主席习近平已经同意“搁置”南海争端。6 ?1 d& Z, x. h3 I; U1 [
0 @2 j7 U# p- S$ _% {- n* B阅读更多:/ v6 i& [- i* i5 J
+ v9 K" `: i2 d+ l: v! K; _6 o中国的习近平正在寻求在越南海上争端中赢得支持, \  r: \( o( g( s" s% L, l
7 c( _  Q0 _5 q9 d: d总裁法律顾问萨尔瓦多·帕内洛(Salvador Panelo)表示,杜特尔特只是采取了一种谨慎的态度,因为PCA裁决没有一个可以实施的法律框架。
  b/ y' m. B& x3 i- S“而且,我们也不能和中国开战,”帕内洛告诉德国之声。
7 h* \1 G2 R& R8 \但也有人坚持认为还有别的办法可以处理中国的霸权。
  W5 k4 U# I  b5 ~, I, V" ?/ ?菲律宾国会议员加里·亚历山大对德国总理说:“还有其他方式可以在我们的领土上主张我们的主张。 “例如,我们可以进行科学探索和研究,进行空中和海上巡逻。”
0 G( V* k$ V' }- }# ~曾任海军陆战队队长的亚历山大声称,自2016年初以来,中国南海没有任何海军巡逻任务。
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( U4 i8 s( @8 v( y( ^/ K& c# {5 t1 f
南中国海的领土争端正在造成该地区粮食短缺。 菲律宾渔民由于生计受 ...
5 K3 \) {: Q3 y
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